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How to paint tile with DIY clay paint

I recently painted a clients kitchen cabinets, and although she was in love with the new look, she wasn't happy with her backsplash, I offered to paint it for her and she agreed, we picked the colors and scheduled a time to come back . So instead of ripping out dated tile.. such a mess and so expensive.. let me show you a very simple, clean economical way to achieve a completely new look. Below is a list of supplies you will need .

  1. An electric sander or sand paper 
  2. a deep cleaner like 409 or krud kutter 
  3. paint brushes 
  4. rags 
  5. DIY clay paint or any chalk paint 
  6. tape 
  7. a water based top coat 
  8.   A screwdriver to remove electrical outlets 

The very first thing you want to do is to deep clean the tile, get all of the grease and built up grime off  once your rage is clean it is ready for the next step which is to tape off all of your edges to keep your counters from getting paint on them .

once your tile is dried you want to sand the tile to take off a bit of the shine, this is just so the paint will adhere even better 

Once you have sanded the tile, wipe it down with a wet rag.. once it is dry you a ready to paint . I chose 2 colors by DIY clay paint, Prairie Gray and Gravel rd Prairie Gray Gravel Rd

you want to use a dense brush that is made for chalk and clay based paints, they hold a lot of paint and allow you to really get the paint into the porous surface of the tile .. I used Paint Pixie Brushes Paint pixie Brushes

in addition you can also use a small roller with a 3/8 nap or 1/2 nap 

Once all of your tile is completely covered in paint, ( you should only need 1 coat ) you want to take a wet rag and distress the edges of the tile, this will give it a stone look and not look so monochromatic  

Let the paint dry over night so it  can really cure , and then topcoat with a poly of your choice, I like to Use bigtop by DIY clay paint  

That is really all there is to it.. you have nothing to lose..give it a try..also check out and subscribe to my you tube channel and watch me paint this in action here is an up close picture after the poly is applied this is where I used Gravel rd for some contrast the finished kitchen, cabinetry and tile

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  • Can you do this process with standard 4 x4 that ugly brown/beige shower tile?


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