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Why Branding is Important

Hi My name is Becka Miller and I was asked to talk about finding a logo and the importance of branding. I own a paint studio and home store here in Baldwinsville, NY. But before my dream became a reality, it was something I daydreamed about for a good 15 years. So I had a lot of time to really create the branding I knew I wanted. I picked Millers Crossing because of, obviously, my last name but I just loved the sound of it. It has changed a few times. It started out as Miller’s Crossing Vintage Design but as I gained more of a following I noticed people really messed it up and couldn’t seem to remember it. So I dropped the Vintage and the confusion has stopped. So when picking a name make sure it is memorable and not too long.

As a side note, now that I own my own store it is located on a crossroad between Liverpool and Baldwinsville. So how perfect is that?? That’s what I love about following your heart, signs are everywhere and if you trust the journey things seem to fall in place.

I have always loved French country design. One design that is seen a lot in French Design is the Queen Bee. Also the bee is just and amazing symbol. The bee is a symbol of community, brightness and personal power. Follow the bee to discover your new destination. In history, the ancient Druids saw the bee as symbolizing the sun, the Goddess, celebration, and community.

Also I grew up as a Baldwinsville Bee and later moved to Utah which is the beehive state! I didn’t make the connection however until one night when I couldn’t sleep at 3 am…LOL

Your logo is very important for people to remember you. We have so much competition that you want to stand out. What do you think of when you think of Mckenzie Childs? Quarterly check right ??

I also think simplicity and having clean crisp lines are important to have in your logo design. You want people to immediately recognize your brand when they see the logo. This has worked very well for me as customers often mention the queen bee. I try to incorporate my logo on all of my social media posts and marketing material. I also watermark all of my photos with my logo.

I used a company called Brand mentors to create my logo. I talked with the artist on the phone about all of my ideas and I sent her examples of other company logos I admired. She used this information to create my one of a kind logo. She sent me several options and we went from there. When the proof was accepted and finalized, she sent me the logo with different resolutions and in different colors and backgrounds. This service cost about $300.00. If this is not in your budget, there is another site called fiverr you can find independent graphic designers that may be able to do it for less. If you are just getting started and don’t want to invest too much money yet, you can create your own logo on This is a good way to start but I would plan on upgrading once it is in your budget.

Best of luck to you all. Having your own business can be scary, stressful and frustrating but building something from nothing and watching it grow, well there’s nothing like it. Take care and come paint with me!

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