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Why I chose vintage looking Pine Flooring and where I bought them

When we set out to remodel our new home, flooring was at the top of the list. I knew I wanted rustic, planked wide flooring...but all of the ones I loved were $10-$20 a sq. ft! That adds up to tens of thousands of dollars.... so I knew I was going to have to go to a big box store and get flooring that's on the shelf.. but I just wasn't loving any of them and it still was coming out to be $4-5.00 a sq ft.. It's hard to spend that kind of money on anything that you aren't in love with. I have been down this road many times with our first home.. we had dark wide plank prefinished flooring, and although very showed every smudge and dust and was impossible to keep clean with 3 kids and 2 dogs . So I started researching pine flooring, and found that it has been used for 100's of years ..because it's affordable and it would definitely give me the rustic farmhouse look I was after .

It even came with nicks and nail marks ! Score 

As with all things there are pros and cons and you need to figure out what it is you are looking for in your flooring because you are going to be living with it for a long time, unless you are a billionaire and you can afford to say " away with this" and the designer in me is very jealous of you !


  •  More affordable than other wood flooring, sometimes even cheaper than vinyl!
  • Resists shrinking and swelling, my last flooring cupped and it was a real pain 
  • More environmentally friendly than slow growing hardwoods, which is more sustainable for farming and harvesting 
  • Pine flooring has been used for 100's of years , so it will give you a beautiful rustic farmhouse look for the fraction of the cost of pre finished  "rustic" flooring
  • Because it is a softwood it is prone to scratching and dents, although with proper treatment, this is easy to avoid 
  • It is harder to find, you won't have the convenience of box stores
  • It might be harder to find a contractor to install, although most experienced hardwood installers should be able to manage, in my experience contractors will try to talk you out of something that they aren't used to  ..but it is worth the hassle to get what you want and my contractor honestly had no issues 

So where do you buy it ? what's the process ?

they arrived, all ready to be installed 

Are you  ready to find out where I bought it ?

EBAY!! yup that' right..EBAY 

  after searching all over I found a guy in Georgia that ships flooring and I paid $4.20 a sq ft for 8 ft long pieces !! the shipping wasn't cheap but he doesn't charge tax ..before I give you his info take a look at the finished project 

our contractor suggested putting them on an angle and I am soooo glad we did 

Ok here is his info 
Vintage Pine Flooring inc. Buford Georgia, his name is Art and he was wonderful to work with , he answered all of our questions and held our hands  through email and phone calls 

It is mostly longleaf southern yellow new growth heart pine flooring. It was recently harvested from old growth pine plantations. Longer lengths make a tighter floor. We manufacturer this floor with traditional square edges, it does not have the dirt catching micro bevels. | eBay!

We went with distressed tavern, in antique brown 8 ft lengths. For a topcoat instead of a urethane we went with oil rubbed to give it a matte old world finish , it penetrates the wood becoming part of the wood which make not nearly as sensitive to scratches and dents 

We have had the flooring for 18 months now and it is still looks stunning, even when filthy which sadly is often !

Message me with any questions !

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