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Old World Finish for a Vintage Highboy

I purchased an entire bedroom set, certainly beautiful but in need of some care. I of course went to Pinterest for some inspiration. I found a few I liked but none that really grabbed me, I wanted this piece to look masculine .. I pictured it in a cigar room or wine room  ( do people have those?)
So I decided to combine a few techniques to get the layered old world European look I was going for . First I had to pick out the colors, I knew I would need several to achieve the finish. I chose DIY paint by Debis Design Diary …Old school, Hey Sailor, Vintage Linen, Little Black Dress, and weathered wood  The colors can be purchased here      

I used a Paint Pixie Chalk Paintbrush  , a chip brush and a misting bottle

After I cleaned the piece really well, I started with black

Starting with Black I dipped the tip of my Paint pixie brush in the paint then I applied the paint by stippling ..what is stippling ?

the art or process of drawing, painting, or engraving using numerous small dots or specks.

“the miniaturist’s use of stippling”
 So instead of brushing the paint on , you stamp it on , I stippled the black in random areas all over, not covering it because I want to repeat the same process with the other 4 colors, its going to look really weird .. but I promise it all comes together in the end



I continued the same technique with each color, using the same brush and overlapping the colors 

I used the blue and white sparingly, I used the white more along the edges and around the detail

continue this all over the entire dresser , then you want to spray the entire piece with a mister, use your chip brush now to blend any colors that stand out too much can buy a mister here   

  let your piece dry for about an hour then use sand paper, fine or medium grit and sand the entire piece, more around the edges.

up close this is what your piece will look like , after you have sanded wipe it down really well and get all of the dust you want to use your Debis Design Diary Clear wax

next I painted the hardware with Spanish Copper RUB N BUFF

next I painted the hardware with Spanish Copper RUB N BUFF.  Here he is all in his new glory Here is the YOU TUBE video