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  • Why Branding is Important

    the reason Behind the BEE logo
  • How to paint tile with DIY clay paint

    Did you know you can paint tile ? DIY clay paint makes the process so simple and the transformation is unbelievable !
  • How to throw an awesome networking party

    My husband is a mortgage broker so networking is his middle name and he kicks butt at it, seriously people love him...then there's me.... awkward, and introverted ,small talk is just not natural for me , usually when he drags me to these events, I make a bee-line to the bar and then look to see if the home owner' s have any pets I can play with, if they don't have pets ... then I will look for...
  • Why I chose vintage looking Pine Flooring and where I bought them

    When we set out to remodel our new home, flooring was at the top of the list. I knew I wanted rustic, planked wide flooring...but all of the ones I loved were $10-$20 a sq. ft! That adds up to tens of thousands of dollars.... so I knew I was going to have to go to a big box store and get flooring that's on the shelf.. but I just wasn't loving any of them and it still was coming out to be $4-5.00 a...
  • Faux Butcher Block Table

    I have this huge china cabinet that I use to store all of our bar ware, but I really wanted a space to set up my drinks, cut some lemons, open a wine know ..very important stuff! Anyways I only had a small space to work with and I really wanted a butcher block look , so I surveyed my inventory and I found a small old sewing table someone had given me , I measured it and it was the...